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Barut Hotels

A Life Dedicated to Tourism

Barut Hotels keeps its corporate philosophy, formed with the tradition of being a family company, alive in its nature-friendly facilities where sea, sun and entertainment are blended with quality.

Our story began in 1971 with "Paradise", a facility that can only be accessed by sea, in the reality of a secret paradise. The days when transportation was an adventure quickly passed, and the tradition of simple perfection had already been created with Acanthus.

Who can calculate the size of our family with over 230 thousand guests every year, with a repeat visit rate of nearly half?

Barut Hotels develops and offers the world friendship it has gained through its love of people, environment, nature and history, with sustainable service quality. It continues to write its history colorfully with the happiness of its guests. The only way to experience this pride is to share it with us, even for a season.

Barut Hotels

Are you ready for a brand new vacation with pleasant privileges in Side?

Arum Barut Collection awaits you with its modern architecture, comfortable rooms, gourmet restaurants and delightful privileges.

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